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The Laboratories

The ComeUnaMarea Time Bank periodically organizes structured non-formal learning paths on various themes and activities by experts.

Each workshop has a duration, a cadence and a well-defined program of contents.

The workshops are open to everyone and for their activation a minimum number of members and a participation fee are required, set from time to time based on the duration and the contents proposed.

In consideration of the Coronavirus emergency, in full compliance with the measures for the prevention and protection of health and pending the resumption of all activities in the presence, some of the laboratories and activities will take place online.

Creative workshops


Everyone has creative abilities that they want to express and that with us they can awaken:

decoupage, painting on objects, artist's books, crafts with recycled materials, paper jewelry, knitting, sewing and many other ideas that you can also give us yourself. In short, the workshops are aimed at anyone who wants to develop their creativity . 


Conversation in English and Spanish

Two weekly meetings to develop a cultural path in languages including conversation, film screenings and reading of classics.

Painting atelier

A moment in which anyone can express their emotions by freely painting together with others without competitiveness, but by sharing their expressive skills.

Laboratorio di lingua spagnola
Lunedì dalle 10:30 alle 12:00 - sede di Via Catania, 7

Il laboratorio di Spagnolo è aperto anche ai principianti. Il metodo comunicativo comprende conversazioni sulle situazioni di vita quotidiana, ricette, viaggi ecc. e le basi della grammatica.

Laboratorio di creazione oggetti in cartapesta
Ad aprile - sede di Via Catania, 7

Tre incontri per creare un oggetto decorativo. Ciotole, vasi, piccole sculture, dalla preparazione della cartapesta alla decorazione. La tecnica è semplice, si utilizza carta da riciclo, colla e fantasia.


Cucina alternativa e autoproduzione

Mercoledì 14 febbraio e 21 febbraio dalle 16:30 alle 18:30 - Sabato 16 marzo dalle 10:00 alle 12:00 - sede di Via Catania, 7

Soluzioni alternative e creative in cucina per chi per necessità o per scelta mangia differente.

Si parlerà inoltre di autoproduzione: sapete quanti prodotti che consumiamo quotidianamente possono essere autoprodotti invece di essere acquistati, ottenendo risparmio e genuinità?

Basic computer science

For those who want to learn the basics of using the computer.

Internet browsing, the use of e-mail, basic elements of Microsoft Word and Excel, access to social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, use of Skype or Zoom to make free calls and video calls.


Vegetable sculptures

The Art of Fruit and Vegetable Carving is considered one of the ten ancient crafts in Thailand and originates in about 1364, during the Sukhothai dynasty, when Her Majesty's wife created a triumphal fruit and vegetable buffet for the festival by Loy Kratong.
This art is now accessible to all those who love to give a sophisticated touch to their table.



Ethnic cuisine

In search of new flavors to discover customs and scents of distant countries and to get to know their culture and traditions.

Origami: l'affascinante arte di piegare la carta

La parola origami deriva dall'unione del verbo "oru" che significa piegare e "kami" che significa carta. L'antica arte giapponese di piegare la carta per dar vita a fiori, animali e tante altre forme è un passatempo molto rilassante e nello stesso tempo permette di creare piccoli oggetti e graziose decorazioni per la casa.

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