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Time is a gift

Swap it!

Why join the Time Bank

To face the many tasks of our daily life in a less difficult way. To allow everyone to express and enhance their skills and abilities. To do what we like with others.

Everyone can join a Time Bank, as everyone is able to offer a useful activity and receive what they need.

To become a member it is not necessary to have a large amount of time, nor is it necessary to offer professional services. What is needed is to use the time available simply by exchanging activities that you are able to carry out, to do it with pleasure and on the basis of trust and solidarity.



How does it work

The Time Bank works almost like a real bank, where instead of money circulates time quantified in hours. An hour of activity offered is worth one hour of activity received. By registering you can choose the activity that interests you most.

Joining the Time Bank does not imply the acceptance of a fixed commitment, as you give your time when you can and receive when you want.

The exchanges take place in relation to the offer available through the notice board of the Time Bank.

What can we trade

From small domestic interventions, such as tailoring or electricity repairs, to conversations in a foreign language, from organizing parties to gardening, from helping the elderly to fashion advice, from piano repetitions to cooking.

And much more...


Those interested in a specific service, among those available on the bulletin board, contact the BoT secretariat, expressing their need. The secretariat itself will handle the request by putting it in contact with the person available to activate the exchange. Whoever offers the service, at the end of the same, will receive a check indicating the time it took, signed by the person who received it.

Checks will be delivered to the BdT which will book them and periodically issue a time-account statement.

Joining the Time Bank is very simple ...
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